Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lalitpur- August 2016

 "Sivani Air Rating Chess Tournament Below-2000"

FIDE Event Code: 142208
5th to 8th Bhadra, 2073, Lalitpur-Nepal
(Total Cash Prize NRs 1,10,000 for 24 players)

Champion: Rs. 25,000/- 

2nd. Rs 15,000/-     3rd   Rs. 10,000/-
4th. Rs7, 000/- 5th   Rs 5,000/-   6th to 7th  Rs 4,000   8th to 10th   Rs. 3,000/-

Reserve Prizes:
Under 16Yrs (Student):
1st: Rs.3000|-    2nd:   Rs.2000|-   3rd Rs 1500|-   4th Rs 1000|- 5th Rs 1000|-
Veteran (55 years +):
1st: Rs 3000|-     2nd      Rs 2000|-
Below Elo 1000-1600:
1st: Rs.3000|-     2nd:   Rs.2000|- 
Best Unrated:
1st:Rs.3000|-     2nd:   Rs.2000|-    3rd   Rs1500/-
Best Girls:
1st:Rs3000|-      2nd:   Rs.2000|-
 A player is eligible only for one prize.
 Entry Fee:   (Max Entry 75 only First Come First Priority.)

  •  Rs 1250|- for Unrated player.
  • Rs 1000|- for Rated player.

(School Student Only Rs 500|- & Girls Only Rs 750|-)
The last date of entry: 3th Bhadra 2073, Friday 16:00 O’clock.
Late fee Rs. 200 till Sunday, 10:00 AM 5th Bhadra.

Tournament Schedule:
5/5/2073(Sunday):         Opening, Rd 1st & 2nd (10:00AM  12:00PM & 16:00PM)
6/5/2073(Monday):        Round 3rd ,4th  &  5th   (08:00AM  12:00PM & 16:00PM)
7/5/2073(Tuesday):        Round 6th   7th  & 8th   (08:00AM  12:00PM & 16:00PM)
8/5/2073(Wednesday):  Round  9th & PD       (10:00AM  13:00PM &)

Tournament Details:
Venue: Lalitpur District Sports Development Committee, Prayagpokhari Lalitpur.
•System of Play: FIDE Laws of Chess, Swiss System 9 rounds.
•Tie Break: In case of a tie, the latest FIDE Rules shall ruled/Cash will not be shared.
•Time Control: 60 min+30 sec. as increment from beginning move.
• The Organizers have right to accept or reject any entry without giving any reason.
• All outstation participants will be provided free hotel accommodation. on 2/3 sharing.

Herakaji Maharjan             9841352401          herakajichess@gmail.com 
Bidur Prasad Gautam,IA   9841318277        arbiter.bidur@gmail.com

Organized By: Lalitpur Sport Club lalitpur  &  lalitpur District Sport Development Committee                                Sponserd By:  Sivani Air                Supported By: lalitpur District  Chess  Association            
Recognized By: FIDE , AICF & NCA

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